Custom Software Development

4 Peaks specializes in development of custom software applications. Specifically out company carries our custom app design, database design, client server and internet and intranet software application development i.e, from conceptual design to product release. Our extensive communication facilities allows us to help our clients throughout the day. We keep in mind that all our customers are entirely satisfied and no one has any problems.

Why do we need an automated system?
An automated system is needed for proper and efficient way of using the system. We help you in making your task easier and better. Agile, Efficient and Productive- you’ve got to be all these three in the strong, competitive and rapidly changing market. We help you to successfully transform your business and serve your customers better. However complex the system may be we find the best ideas and the right way to do it.

We take up all the steps in developing the software right from Requirements gathering and analysis up to deployment and maintenance.


Requirements analysis

We help you state your requirements as tell us what your needs are.Then we analyse the needs to develop the software.


This process is carried out by the software developers and all the steps to be carried out are discussed between us to gain the best results.


The designing process is the process in which all the pros and cons are taken care of. Out of the many ways we can implement the system owe select the most efficient way to develop the system to give our client the exact output he asked for.

Coding and Implementation

Here the actual implementation of the system takes place. It is coded and everything is put in the right order just like how the client wants it.


We the highly trained software engineers test the new system created for every flaw. We test our system so that our client never encounters and flaw and is happy with our system. We see to it that our client is comfortable with the system.

Deployment and Maintenance

We see to it that the new software runs efficiently in the new environment. The system is maintained so that the user can be at ease with the system. A regular check is always given by our software engineers for the better use of the client. We see to it that our customers are 100% satisfied with the system. We always reach our customers 24 hours a day without any hesitation.