Right Guy the first time

We invest time to listen, understand and learn the clients’ needs, organization structure, culture, future growth plans, the candidate profile, the position, the skill set, job description, key deliverables and responsibilities.

We then decide on a search strategy where we define target sectors and companies for finding the most suitable candidate for the position. Our strategy also includes allocating a team of consultants with the relevant industry knowledge and seasoned recruiters with the appropriate functional expertise.

The next step is to conduct a fresh research for the assignment and develop an initial list of suitable candidates.

We then contact, meet and assess these candidates over telephone and/or personal interviews and arrive at a final short list of only the very best candidates with the requisite skill set, knowledge and attitude. We present these candidates for interview when the client is ready.

Once the candidate is selected, we coordinate and help with the joining process. If required, we aid in the negotiations between the candidate and client.

Our commitment does not end when our talent is hired. Even after the candidate joins, we follow-up with the candidate at regular intervals to ensure success of the recruit.